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We're Almost Open for Business!

Thank you for visiting our site! If you're here, you clearly have amazing taste in food. We have already gotten great feedback on our promos and taste tests, so we're excited to be one step closer to being open for business. We've invited our friends and family to take a look at this site and to give us feedback. The Menus and Pricing are complete and we will be adding to the "Our Food" section of the site all the time. The area you're reading right now will house news and promotion information, so check back here often!

About The Pot Still Grill

Our Food

Spicy, smoky, and Southern with a shot of whiskey. Read more about our offerings here.

Our Focus

Quality ingredients, attention to detail and a lot of love is how we focus on flavor.

A heart for people and a generous helping of Southern hospitality is how we focus on customer service.

Our Service

Let us cater your next event. We'll bring everything you need, set it all up and get out of your hair so you and your guests can enjoy.

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